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Nosara Costa Rica
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Information of Nosara

Nosara is the sixth district of Nicoya County in the Province of Guanacaste. It is located 55 kilometers southwest of Nicoya and 266 kilometers west of the capital San Jose and is accessed from the road to Samara. But getting to Nosara Beach is a bit difficult, since there are no paved roads. The best way is to take a local flight from San Jose or Liberia to Nosara.

The town is about 4 meters above sea level and is a valley irrigated by the Nosara River, and is surrounded by beautiful hills with excellent views of land and sea. Previously Nosara was very populated by various groups of Chorotega Indians.

Nosara Guanacaste has black sand beaches, allowing visitors to enjoy the great diversity of flora and fauna and its mangrove swamps. The sunsets are a heavenly gift that you will not want to miss.

The nearby Guiones, Pelada, and Ostonial beaches comprise the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, a place in which large numbers of sea turtles nest.

Guiones Beach is well known as an ideal beach for surfing and Pelada Beach for its rock formations that become exposed at low tide, it is possible glimpse of a variety of life forms: snails, starfish, octopus, colorful fish, coral, sea urchins and crabs, among others.

While in Nosara Costa Rica you can explore the nearby rivers in kayak or canoe, horseback ride in the mountains, or snorkel in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, or even visit the estuary that is a few minutes. The deep sea fishing is very good especially for anglers.

The rainy season is from September to October and the best time to visit Playa Nosara is from March to April.

Since 2005, the population has grown due to the construction boom, the increase in land values and development, and the number of available services.

The community is clearly distinguished in two different areas: "The Town" as such; the site where most people live and most services are available to the place (buses, airport, post office, supermarkets, shops, police station, Red Cross station, EBAIS (Health clinic), public library, elementary and high schools, and "The Project", as its known; the area where most foreigners live, that is very close to the beaches, and where the hotels and restaurants are located.

Many of the residents of Nosara work in areas such as construction of homes and hotels. With the arrival of foreigners who purchased land and built their homes in the area, came a change in work style among the population, who left farming to devote himself almost entirely to tourism and construction. Other activities include fishing, rice farming (Mechanized) and livestock.

Highlights in the fauna of Playa de Nosara include howler monkeys (known as congo monkeys), iguanas, armadillos, raccoons, the coatis, squirrels, agouti, ocelots and leopards. Heron, pelicans and lizards are the best representatives of the aquatic environment provided by the river and the coast of Nosara.

Nosara map

Nosara map
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