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The "Golf of Papagayo" Project is located directly along Panama Beach, near Snake Bay in the Papagayo Peninsula. In this area, also known as "The Golf of Papagayo Touristic Pole", hotel complexes have evolved under the All Inclusive regimen. The government maintains a tight supervision of the area to protect the natural resources and beauty of the region.

Along this rich coastline, one of the largest touristic projects of the country has been developed with government support. Large prestigious hotels and real estate companies have been established in this region, all with the mind set of coexisting with the scenic natural beauty of the area.

Large hotel chains were established between 2005 and 2010. Prestigious names such as Hilton, Occidental, and Four Seasons are currently established in this region, which has helped to bring invaluable benefits to the surrounding communities by increasing the quantity of jobs available and stabilizing or improving their economic situations.

Papagayo gulf actually includes the land from Ocotal Beach in the south to the Santa Elena Peninsula in the north. Spectacular sunsets are part of what you can expect along the entire coast. This region also has the beaches with the least mosquitoes in Costa Rica.

Papagayo is near other beaches in Guanacaste, like Tamarindo and Flamingo (1 hour), popular National Parks like Rincon de La Vieja (1.5 hours) and Arenal Volcano (3.5 Hours), and just 1 hour from the "White City" of Liberia.

Papagayo map

Papagayo map
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